Other Areas of Interest

Birdwatching Tower

A bird watching tower is provided at the eastern edge of the site, this location on a limestone spine allows for viewing of birds feeding in the mangroves and vegetation along the spine and sea birds in the channel to the east. The tower is accessed by an existing pathway that leads through the vegetation at the waters edge. A part of the ongoing commitment of the lodge to the environment would require regular monitoring of this trail to ensure that its overuse does not happen and to prevent soil erosion.

Bridge over mangroves

Upon visiting the proposed site it was found that a man made bridge/dam had been made across the mangroves to the eastern side of the site. This dam has stopped the sea water entering the mangroves and has resulted in serious destruction to the vegetation, it is proposed that two cuts would be made in this man made feature to allow water to circulate through this area. The regrowth of the mangroves would be further encouraged through the use of the encasment method of re-seeding of the mangrove pods, which has been found to be very effect in Florida. Two bridges would be constructed across the cuts to allow access to the eastern edge of the site, where it is proposed that a small hut be erected to store scuba diving equipment and a dock for Zodiac type boats for diving. Also access to the trail leading to the bird watching tower.

The boardwalk allows for easy circulation around the facilities and it is also sloped back to the main waste water treatment plant. The under side of the walkway provides space for the site utilities distribution, with the electrical, potable water supply lines and waste water return line strapped to the under side of the walkway. Solar powered with battery pack self contained bollard lights are used for walkway illumination at night. At key points along the boardwalk, the width is increased to allow parties to comfortably pass and also to allow for casual viewing of the natural habitat.

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